Awaken your inner dance
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The Ecstatic Dance class will teach dancers techniques for getting into a trance state and for following the ensuing journey. The facilitator provides a safe environment for self expression, and suggestions for the journey. Ultimately, the primary goal is for each dancer to discover their own unique inner dance. For this reason, practice outside of the class and experimentation with other types of free-form dance is highly encouraged. Classes are offered in Long Beach, NY.
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The class combines elements from a variety of free-form dance practices.

and be in the
intimacy and
infinity of self
and silence…
Open a portal
to your
True Self.
(Vin Marti)

Meditative State. A meditative or trance-like state with deep breathing.

Inward Focus. Turning off your awareness of the outside world –  downward cast eyes or wearing a bandana over your eyes to facilitate.

Internal Scanning. Scanning your emotional state & searching for physical tension – letting your state and tension drive the dance.

Setting Intention. Setting an intention for what you want to get out of the dance, whether it’s knowledge about a burning problem, self-healing or even to just release stress or to have fun.

Simple Repetitive Movement. Movement consisting of repeated motion that causes enough physical stress to shift one’s focus away from body. The ideal movement is strenuous enough to get endorphin effect but simple enough to be easily repeated over long period of time without having to concentrate. Some examples are: running in place, jumping up & down in 1 spot, heel-toe-heel-toe dance common among certain Native American tribes.

Trance Music. Music with multi-layered rhythmic beat at 130 - 150 bpm or higher. Many practitioners recommend drumming with minimal vocals to enhance the trance-like effect.

Dance anywhere, in any position for any duration. This latter element speaks to the flexibility of the practice. It also stresses that Ecstatic Dance is not intended as a rigid practice. You take whatever you need depending on your state of mind, physical tension and logistics. While it’s beneficial to come together as a group to dance, one of the primary class goals is to inspire dancers to practice outside of class. This encourages a life-long practice.