Awaken your inner dance
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Ecstatic Dance provides a personal, unique experience for each dancer. While the experience varies from dancer to dancer and across dance sessions, there are many similar benefits reported by those who practice Ecstatic Dance.

Self-directed Cardio work-out. Ecstatic Dance provides a great cardio work-out at your own pace. You decide at what tempo and speed you want to move.

Stress Release. Ecstatic Dance massages the body from the inside out, both relaxing and energizing it. It helps restore ease by freeing pockets of stress and tension, both physically and emotionally. Ecstatic dance stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain, which is the body's natural way to relax and renew itself by inducing feelings of well-being and euphoria.

Increased Creativity. Because ecstatic dance is a form of active meditation where brain waves move into the alpha state, information in the form of images, sensations, or insights often arise into conscious awareness as you unlock subconscious doors in the psyche. This information may reveal solutions or alternatives to a challenging issue, present new ideas for creative ventures, or open up into what people often describe as a visionary experience of a mystical or spiritual nature.

Increased Self-confidence. As a result of practicing Ecstatic Dance, many people experience an increase in self-confidence about the way they move and in their ability to move in a spontaneous manner.

Connecting with your True Self. On an emotional level, people report increased feelings of peace, awe, inspiration, reflection, transformation, and well-being. They often feel more in-tune with themselves on an emotional, physical and spirituall level as a result of practicing Ecstatic Dance.